Our clients come first and are our greatest assets--we would be nothing without them. Thank you to all who participate in the Superior Adaptive Swim School experience--you truly give us joy serving you.

“Superior Adaptive Swim School is the best swimming instruction in Utah! I want to thank the swim instructors of Superior Aquatics for teaching my kids how to swim! Not only are they excellent instructors they possess a patience and skill that I haven't found other places."


- Jenny Macfarlane

"Crystal truly is an amazing teacher; she has a gift that is very unique in her way of teaching children. We are so thankful that Rachel had lessons with Crystal! It almost certainly saved her life."


-Erica Hale

"Crystal... I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for my daughter. I want you to know that we think you are an angel. I can’t believe our good fortune that we have found someone as sweet and gentle to teach our little girl to swim."


-Sheri Beauchaine


"Miss Jaime is a great teacher who knows how to gain the trust and affection of children while at the same time commanding their attention and getting them to perform. We feel very lucky to have our children learning from such a wonderful instructor."


-Miriam Footer