General Benefits of Aqua Therapy and Massage Therapy
 Reduces stress Enhances blood circulation. Decreases pain Improves sleep Reduces swelling. Enhances relaxation. Reduces level of anxiety Increases oxygen capacity of the blood Increases Hyperemia (dilation of blood vessels) Reduces Ischemia (decrease blood supply to organ or tissue) Decreases blood pressure temporarily.


Decreases heart rate. Decreases respirations Increases immune system functioning Improves appearance of skin. Helps reduce scar tissue. Stimulates or soothes the nerves Releases endorphins (natural pain killer)..


Stretches and broadens tissue. Helps decrease stress and depression. Relieves muscle tension Increases oxygen and nutrients Reduces muscle fatigue.

Helps keep muscles flexible. Temporarily alters the shape of cellulite. Helps posture Loosens phlegm. Helps reduce the chance of a urinary tract infection. Helps most headaches. Helps overuse injuries.


Helps strains and sprains Helps nerve entrapments. Decreases gas build up. Helps with constipation. Helps digestion. Removes buildup of metabolic waste Increases ability to monitor stress signals. Increases awareness of the mind-body connection.


Enhances self-image Allows for a greater ease of emotional expression. 

Deep tissue/ Myofascial Release/Reiki/Aqua Therapy


 Price Menu:


 $45.00  40 min Infant and Child Massage 

 $70.00  90 min Massage Adults 

 $22.00  30 min Child/Infant Aqua Therapy

 $45.00 60 min Adults Aqua Therapy 


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