S.A.S.S Swim Professional Instructors/Therapist



Crystal Sacco is a native to Utah, is an enthusiastic person who has a yearning for getting people into the water.  One of her mottos is, “Let the water do the work.”
She began her studies as a young person in Ogden, Utah where she was teaching children how to swim.  A hopeful mother of a child with cerebral palsy came to her and Crystal asked if she could get the child into the water.  After several sessions she started seeing some amazing results.  Now, 21, the woman is walking with much ease.  This experience opened Crystal’s eyes to the world of Aqua Therapy.
She began her formal studies at Myotherapy College of Utah where she completed a 780-hour program in massage.  She graduated in 2008 and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Utah, USA.  She studied with Harold Dull, the founder of Watsu and has become certified in the technique.  
As a part of her many facets, she developed an adaptive swim school which she has owned for several years.  She wanted to give girls a chance to play a contact sport, so she co-founded the first all-girls tackle football league in the United States.  She served as the President of the league for four successful football seasons.
Crystal uses her bodywork skills in the water with her clients, working with children who have cerebral palsy, brain and spinal cord injuries, and many other neurological disorders.  She also works with people who have a fear of the water, who have unique needs such as autism or who are living with physical challenges.  She has had many clients walk despite the odds they were given after they were told they would never walk. She has traveled to different to other States and Countries to help children with cerebral palsy overcome obstacles.
Crystal holds certifications as a Water Safety Instructor, (WSI), American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor, American Red Cross Babysitting Training Instructor and she is certified in Watsu, Reiki Energy Master as well as SGE Starguard Instructor. 

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  Tessie Mae Cushing - was adopted at the age of 4 ½ and grew up with siblings with disabilities. As a little girl she use to line up her stuffed animals and dolls and give them homework. As she got older her passion for teaching grew more. Growing up in a very active family gave her a great passion for sports. Her passion soon turned into a desire to coach. She got ACEP Certified as well as her Certification in Coaching Principals and became a head high school softball coach for 4 years. She still had a desire to teach and was working on getting her teaching degree when she decided to make a career change and no longer coach and chose to put her degree on hold. She has been looking for an opportunity to teach and put her coaching skills to work again and has happily found a home at S.W.A.S.S. Tessie Mae loves to work with all ages of people from all walks of life. Tessie desire is to always make a difference in the world. She feels she was able to do that as a Softball Coach and now can’t wait to do that with S.W.A.S.S. Tessie Mae is CPR/First Aid Certified as well as Starfish swim instructor Certification. 

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Lexie Delquadro was born in Salt Lake City, and I have lived here the majority of my life. I went to Arizona State University in 2018, and I am currently enrolled in Salt Lake  Community College. I am pursuing a masters degree in Criminology with an emphasis in Psychology. Swimming has been a major part in my life for as long as I can remember. I was on the JCC swim team for 4 years, and I enjoyed every second of it. I have been a lifeguard for 3 years, and I have gotten to see how amazing it makes people feel to swim. I’ve been teaching lessons for 2 years, and have just recently started to teach for Crystal. The change I see in people of all ages when they are learning to swim is so amazing to watch. I’m excited to continue teaching and learning with many more incredible individuals.