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Jeffrey R. Krieger, M.S.

Aquatic Therapist

Professional Profile: Youth, Teen and Adult Counseling and Program Development Professional with expertise in stress and phobias management.

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Honors: Cum Laude, American University, Washington, D.C.

Master of Science, Guidance and Counseling, College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York

Crisis Intervention Specialist Mental Health Counselor

Over 30 Years - Special needs swim instructor

Water Safety Counselor and
Aquatic Innovator

Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor,
Competitive Swimmer, Coach and Official

Camp, Athletic and Aquatic Director

Published Author and Public Speaker

Our deepest sorrow that we inform you that  Jeff Krieger passed away on Sunday, October 15, 2017 of a heart attack. Following his wishes, we will not be holding a memorial or service but instead honoring him in our own way. We greatly appreciate your continued prayers and positive thoughts. He will be greatly missed. In his own words, "Stay Gold".
Jill Costello & Chris Krieger

Before Jeff Passed away we had started to build the Helping Fearful Swimmer's Program!  It's an honor to continue this work!

Helping people overcome their aquatics anxieties, fears and phobias

"Helping Fearful swimmers" is a new and highly unique  program that is designed to increase awareness regarding the often overlooked issue of millions of people who suffer from varying degrees of fear, anxieties and phobias surrounding water. This program is a safety net for Fearful Swimmers to have a place to reach out to aquatic therapist, experienced swimming instructors, and mental health professionals in your area.

 Our program is a highly unique "Health and Wellness Aquatic Program" that can help any individual, regardless of age, fitness level or life experience, who is unable to enjoy the many physical, emotional and recreational benefits that result from participating in aquatic activities, as a a result of varying degrees of their fear of water. 

The program combines cognitive awareness, emotional support, both in and out of the water, in addition to aquatic skill building , all developed to address the very specific needs of a widely diverse population of people who's anxiety prevents them from feeling safe in water.

 A person's age or previous lack of experience or success in water should never be a reason for any adult to think that it's too late for them to overcome their fear of water and become a swimmer. Since our life expectancy continues to expand, adults are looking for ways to improve their overall health with the least amount of physical stress on their bodies. The water provides this opportunity and a multitude of aquatic activities to help accomplish those goals.This may help to explain why more and more adults, between the ages of fifty and ninety, are enrolling in our program and realizing a life long dream of enjoying the water for fitness and recreation. 

Go to our Contact Us button if you want to learn how to swim and overcome your fear! If you are an Aqua Therapist or swimming Instructor and would like to learn how to work with your clients on helping them face Aqua Phobias that they may have, please contact us! 



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